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Mind & Body Personal Training & Nutrition for body transformation & sustainability 

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One upon a time I used to weigh 190lbs. As a child I was always  thin but when I moved here to Florida I blew up going from 145 lbs to 190lbs. I became fat

I came the point in my life where I felt that I lost myself. I was the un healthiest I had ever been in my life.


One day I woke up and was determined to lose it and in three months I dropped 40 lbs. I went from 190 lbs to 150 lbs. I now fluctuate from 150 to 155 with my ideal weight being 155 lbs, which is where I am currently at.


I then decided to begin my path as a holistic health care practitioner. I made a commitment to my self to cultivate my mind, soul and body in the healing arts. I reactivated my massage license, became a thai yoga bodyworker, personal trainer, a hatha and kundalini yoga instructor, a psycho spiritual life coach and I obtained my associates degree in Ayurvedic Medicine.



I offer a comprehensive transformation program designed to help people who desire a to a way to step into their highest self. 

 I will create a customized plan for your specific body type and goals that can include Meditation, Nutrition, Strength Training, Endurance Building, Flexibility, and Life Coaching so that you can also lose weight, get in shape, and feel great.

 I invite you to join my 30 day Personal Transformational Metamorphisis, try The Utimate Superfood Supplement and !st Phorm Nutrition and step into the best life that you desire.

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