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The Mandala of OM

Organic Movement

I have infused my passion for Ayurveda, Kabbalah and Qi Gong to deliver a well rounded movement practice/workout that combines my knowledge of these three different healing art practices  to bring you a morning practice that will empower you to plant positive seeds for your day.


You will increase internal/external strength, Meditative powers, flexibility, while at the same time receive overall healing for mind, body and spirit while having fun :)



Class format is as follows


Warm Up:Stretches alone and with partnerBody poundingShake It


Group meditation * to unify the energy of the class and focus our intentions for what we want to bring in for ourselves


Creating the Foundational Earth Malchut, The Kingdom Root Chakra*Using different leg strengthening postures to create a strong foundation and establishing the Earth element


Moving from Center*Sexual Chakra Techniques to open our awareness of our internal center and how to move from that space in a meditative way so that we can exercise meditation in motion. The Water Element


Balancing Yin/Yang Polarities, Solar Plexus Chakra *Using life force energy cultivating techniques we will balance the male and female energies within us while building internal power and strength. The Fire Element


OM: Organic Movement* Anahata Chakra Express you creative Yin. Release the stress and tension which is blocking your from moving in clarity. 



Cultivating Life force* Throat ChakraUsing breath techniques to cultivate Prana/Qi the seed of our practice. The Air Element


Yin/Yang Dance *Third Eye ChakraWe are not alone nor are we meant to be. Experience how to flow in unity and harmony with yourself and others.


Class ends with awakening KETER Heavens Gate/ The Crown Chakra The Ether Element


Closing meditation that includesAyurvedic Mantras and Mudra, Kabbalistic Meditation, Aura clearing and Arch Angel work.

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