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Sound Healing Enhancement 

This enhancement brings in the vibrational power of a hand held Note F Anahata Chakra singing bowl and Chakra Tuned tuning forks to help balance the subltle energy body  and energy centers of the esoteric anatomy


Plant Based Mini Facial

This enhancement draws upon the power of pure plant based superfoods. First I apply a plant based Bamboo & Citrus exfoliation to clean and remove dead skin, followed by a Camu Camu Youth Recovery Serum to repair , brighten and protect the skin, followed by multi peptide Anti Wrinkle Eye treatment to smooth, firm and rejuvenate the eyes, and last I apply either a Camu complex antioxidant rich day moisturizer hydrate, nourish and protect or a Camu Superberry Night Cream Hydrate, restore and revitalize the skin.


Live Ultimate Super Food Skin Nutrition

Aroma Therapy Chakra Anointment

This enhancement draws upon the energy of plants through their essential oils and uses their energy to work with, balance and activate our 7 energy centers the Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root Chakra


 Thai Stretching 

This enhancement draws upon the ancient art of Thai Yoga Bodywork and bring it to the table to help increase flexibility, range of motion, and tension relief


Ultra Sound, Cryotherapy & Heat

This enhancement is uses 1hz of Ultrasound therapy to help penetrate the fascia tissue at a deep level so to relieve deep spasm, trigger points, adhesions, acute and chronic pain acompanied with ice cryotherapy for acute pain relief or heat for chronic tension relief.



Parafin Wax 

This enhancement uses a hot wax hand dip that helps to alleviate joint pain brought on my arthritis and other injuries. This parafin wax also leaves the hands nice and soft to the touch


CBD Natural Mint Oil infusion

This enhancement brings the healing benefits of CBD to your massage session by adding highest quality of broad spectrum THC free phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil to the carrier cocconut or sessame seed massage oil to help relax the muscles of tension and pain. 


Live Ultmate CBD

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